zusammen mit G. Leach, G.M. Obermair und L. Hoffmann. Butterworths, Guildford, Surrey, England, 1986. 200 S.

The book traces and compares the patterns of energy use in 5 industrialized,
4 middle-income, and 4 low-income developing countries, and how they have
changed during the 1970s and two major oil price shocks. Each major energy-using
sector – industry, agriculture, transport and housing – is examined separately
and in some detail, while the book also examines the more usual aggregate
measures of energy production, trade and conversions. A separate chapter
looks at trends in energy prices in the 13 countries and the remarkable
length to which some countries have gone to protect particular groups
of consumers from rising world oil prices. An important feature of the
book is the use of consistent methods for comparing energy and economic
data in each of the countries, and the inclusion of biomass fuels such
as firewood, crop residues and animal wastes which are often ignored in
national statistics.