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• MBA in business administration, major statistics and taxes. 
• M.S., School of Enginering, Stanford University, major renewable energies. 
• Ph.D. about integration of wind energy. 

Main areas of activities 

System analysis and system optimization of renewable energies, power grids and energy taxation, such as 
• How can strongly fluctuating renewable energies be integrated into the energy system? 
• What expansion of power grids is necessary for the energy transition? 
• What alternatives exist? 
• How can the tax system be improved to support the energy transition? 

On behalf of European Commission, German Federal, Länder and Local Governments, private companies and citizens´ initiatives. 


Many invitations as an expert among others by the European Parliament, European Commission, OECD, Deutscher Bundestag.
20 books (partly in English and Russian) and more than 200 scientific papers (partly in Englisch). 


Prof. Dr. Lorenz J. JARASS, Dudenstraße 33, D-65193 Wiesbaden, Germany. mail@JARASS.com, www.JARASS.com, T. 0049 611 54101804, Mobil 0049 171 3573168.